Now Accepting Infants and Toddlers!

Know About Us

Our School

Early Years Montessori School is a year-round historical school offering the highest level of Montessori educational services since 1989. The school rests on five secluded beautiful acres in Falls church, Virginia.

Early Years provides services to children from infancy through kindergarten. Toddlers from 12-18 months are also welcome to attend “Parent’s Morning Out” daily from 9am-12pm. The school is open from 7:00AM to 6:00PM Monday through Friday. Early Years is closed for all national holidays, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Thanksgiving week, and for winter break the day before Christmas Eve through New Years Day. We do not close for spring break.

Why Parents Choose Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori believed in developing the whole child physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively and educationally. The program provides a stimulating curriculum in a nurturing environment.

From conception to age four, the child develops 50% of his intelligence; from ages four to eight they develop another 30%. This suggests very rapid growth of intelligence in the early years and the great influence of the early environment on this development.

These important milestones can never be recovered and thoughtful parents want to insure that their child has every advantage for development during this critical period.

Freedom of choice framed by a structured curriculum of tasks and activities is a key quality of a Montessori education. These activities foster curiosity and independence as children learn at their own pace while enjoying guidance from thoughtful, observant teachers.

The Montessori curriculum adapts to the growing needs of each child. Practical life activities instill personal care, grace and courtesy. Sensorial exercises help the child discover the environment through experience. Extracurricular activities help discover new talents.

Confidence, communication, exploration, self-discipline and independence are the building blocks of the proven Montessori educational experience that leads to a lifelong love of learning.