Early Years Montessori Programs

At Early Years Montessori School, our flexible, year-round child care and early educational programs take the traditional Montessori hands-on approach to learning, while providing a safe, nurturing environment focused on self discovery.
Daily Morning Program Daily Afternoon Program
7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Free Play At play, children practice, experiment, and discover how the world around them and the people in it work.
Bathroom Breaks Regular hygiene and bathroom sk ills focus on personal care for a sense of cleanliness while children learn to work in a sustained and concentrated way.
Circle Time The classroom community comes together to greet each other, discuss current events, and prepare for the day.
Snacks and Lunchtime Mixed age groups encourage leadership and understanding. A healthy snack is provided, or parents may choose to pack a snack and lunch for their child with dietary restrictions.
Practical Life Exercises Real-life experiences using familiar objects, such as buttons and dishes, develop motor control and coordination, independence and concentration, and a sense of responsibility.
Sensorial Exercises Working with sensorial equipment, such as blocks, children begin to organize their intelligence and adapt to the environment through their own experiences.
Extracurricular Activities Through art, music, and movement, reading, writing, and math, children discover new abilities and demonstrate talents which enhances their enjoyment of the school experience.
Outside Play An extension of the classroom, our play ground promotes exercise through sports, as well as a connection with nature.
Nap Time Safe, quiet rest time for children to consider the morning and torefuel for the afternoon.

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At Early Years Montessori School, we won't allow today's economy to sacrifice your child 's opportunity for a quality, Montessori education.
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Contact us to learn more about our full-day, half-day, extended day, part-time day, and summer programs.
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